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Definition of phthalide:

It is crystalline lactone C8H6O2 made usually by reduction of phthalic anhydride
Other names: Phthalide; 1-Phthalanone; 2-Hydroxymethylbenzoic acid, γ-lactone; Phthalolactone;

Appearance:White powder
Melting Point: 75.00 to 76.00 °C.
Soluble in: alcohol

Package: 25kg/drum

Usage: Phthalide is used in the synthesis of several pharmaceutical drugs including isoxepac, vatalanib, and hydralazine as well as the pesticide kresoxim-methyl .

Phthalide Derivatives from Angelica Sinensis Decrease Hemoglobin Oxygen Affinity: A New Allosteric-Modulating Mechanism and Potential Use as 2,3-BP. It can be also used in food packing industrial